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HBO has created seven 'Game of Thrones' playlists that remind us that the end of the television series is very close

Yesterday music and Game of Thrones were already news when we learned that Rosalia would participate in an album of the series. Now we know something else: HBO has created exclusively for Spotify seven playlists based on the most important houses. And if that were not enough, the music platform offers us a piece of information: Spain is one of the countries with the most songs of the soundtrack and Playlists of Game of Thrones listens.
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How many books could I have read with the time I spent on Instagram in a month: I calculated it

Increasingly, we are becoming more and better aware of the dependence that the uncontrolled use of mobile phones creates. This is such a real problem that the Ministry of Health has already begun to take action on the matter and has included the Internet in its National Addiction Strategy. At the same time, apps that monitor the use we give to the smartphone and help give it a more controlled one have become popular among some users.
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