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Eleven current writers tell us what their favorite books are always

Before writer, an author was always a reader. Because books not only give us access to the head of another person, they show us different realities from ours or they teleport us to places often accessible only through imagination. Of them too you learn to tell stories and even how not to tell them.

That's why we wanted to ask some of our favorite authors for that book that they would save from a fire, that they would take to a desert island or, more simply, for that book that holds the title of his favorite.

Manuel Vilas: The verb peopleJaime Gil de Biedma

Manuel Vilas is one of the great Spanish poets of his generation. Although as a narrator he has also developed an important work. Especially in the field of criticism of culture and reflection on capitalism. His last book, Ordesa (Alfaguara, 2018), was chosen the best book of the year by Babelia.

As your favorite book for this list you have selected The verb people, a volume that brings together the complete poetry of Jaime Gil de Biedma.

You have chosen it for your simple and direct poetry That touches your heart "Gil de Biedma is a poet of all. He reminds you the importance of life without more attributes than herself, "says Manuel.

Rosa Montero: The dispossessed, Ursula K. LeGuin

Summarizing the professional life and work of Rosa Montero in a few short lines is impossible. As a journalist he has performed more than 2000 interviews and as author was National Spanish Letters Award in 2017

He has published numerous novels, story books, nonfiction, children's and youth literature ... In his latest novel, The times of hate (Seix Barral, 2018) are present some of the great themes of his work as Over time, the need of others so that life is worth it or the horror of dogmas.

As a reader you have selected The dispossessed (1974) of Ursula K. LeGuin. A reflection on the tolerance, the equality and the injustice in key of Science fiction. Rosa considers that it is one of the best novels of the twentieth century and he has chosen it for that and because in Spain it is very little known. He describes her as great, deep and touching.

Karina Sainz Borgo: Madame Bovary, Gustave Flaubert

The daughter of the Spanish, the first novel of the journalist Karina Sainz Borgo, is a real editorial phenomenon In the literature in Spanish. An uprooting story that transcends the portrait of Venezuela and has been sold to 18 countries before publication.

Like her bedside book, Karina has another hit novel. "The greater than over the void it has never been written ", as she describes it. It is about Madame Bovary by Gustave Flaubert (1857).

It seems to Karina that it is as if between her time and ours it wouldn't have been two hundred years and considers the compulsion and apparent frivolity of its protagonist anticipates and explains.

"Emma Bovary is the perfect embodiment of dissatisfaction that sweeps everything. That everything burns. She is the vigorous bite of a cake sprinkled with arsenic. "

Also add that it is not possible to read its pages without going on. "A form of pachydermia of those who live in demolition mode and convert any affection in a predatory act".

Read Vélez: The Dreary House, Charles Dickens

Lea Vélez has written numerous television series scripts And it is author of five novels. The last one, Our tree house (Booket, 2018) is a beautiful and bright story about how personal excellence can be achieved through simplicity.

Staying with just one reading says that it has not cost too much because he says he does not have so many favorite books. The dreary house (formerly known as Desolate house) is for her the best work of Dickens, which "permeates each paragraph of genius, humor, interest in the human soul and dialectical virtuosity".

In it, the background of the judicial case of an endless inheritance illustrates how lack of motivation can end virtue. In addition, he adds that the classics are not classics because they are old, but because they will always be modern and, in that sense, The dreary house it's a read "Ingenious, exciting and current".

Miguel Ángel Hernández: The spoiledThomas Bernhard

Miguel Ángel Hernández has been Herralde Prize finalist twice and his novels have been translated into French, German, English, Italian and Portuguese. His last book, The pain of others (Anagrama, 2018) is already on its letter edition.

When he reads to others, he keeps a book that in adolescence it marked him in his obsessions: failure, fascination with the genius, the impossibility of achieving what others can, pure art, music, piano, perfect interpretation, writing as a form of sublimation

Is about The spoiled of a Thomas Bernhard in its most distilled version. Michelangelo describes it as a story that reverberates in memory and stays with us forever. "Why, one way or another, we are all the spoiled".

Berta García Faet: Divine loveAngela Segovia

Berta García Faet was awarded last October with the National Prize for Young Poetry 'Miguel Hernández' for his work The phosphorus psalms. Precisely, his favorite book is also the poems from another prize winner granted by the Ministry of Culture and Sports.

Divine love (The broken nail, 2018) by Ángela Segovia inquire into sentimental language and raises a question: yes pop culture has appropriated the feelingsHow to express the romantic outside the dictates of commercial?

Berta chooses it because "it combines a theory of significance about what does not overlap between sound and semantics." It does from Bob dylan, novels of the west and of Science fiction, moon romances, autobiographies of saints, interstellar travel and time ... Also, specifies, it does "with great beauty, great truth and great miracle".

Elvira Navarro: The filthy onesSantiago Lorenzo

Elvira Navarro is one of the great storytellers in the Spanish language. After The worker (Random House, 2014) and The last days of Adelaida García Morales (Random House, 2016), Navarro has just published a book of disturbing stories titled The island of rabbits (Random House, 2019).

To read stays with The filthy ones (Blackie Books, 2018). It is a lyrical and political book that makes us ask ourselves if the only healthy ones are those who know that this society is sick.

Elvira has chosen it because it is "hilarious, intelligent and because he achieves the feat of to update an old Spanish which in your book sounds current, refreshing and most brave".

María Sánchez: Mass and power, Elias Canetti

María Sánchez, in addition to field veterinary, is poet Y disseminator. On February 12, Seix Barral will publish his next book: Land of women, a test intimate and familiar about the rural world.

Maria finds it very difficult to choose a single book because "many" come to mind. That is why He has stayed with those he always goes to.

"It could be any of Maria Gabriela Llansol or Mass and power (1960) of Elias Canetti"The latter because he believes that It should be mandatory reading for everyone in the times.

In it, the Nobel Prize for Literature performs an investigation of social phenomena. Follow a methodology that allows you link historical and sociological data with psychopathology in order to reveal the anomalies of the human being in its entirety biopsychic.

Ivan Repila: AbroadAlbert Camus

The translation rights of Iván Repila's novels have been sold to a ten countries and his prose has deserved complimentary criticism from the English and French press. Your last book, Ally (Seix Barral, 2019), has just been published and is a novel loaded with humor and of reflections very pertinent around a topical issue like feminism.

When reading, he stays with a classic of French existentialism How is it Abroad (1842) by Albert Camus. The reason is that it is about a novel that has nothing left over. "It was the first one that discovered the possibilities of literature beyond telling a story and, every time I return to it, I find a different book ", he confesses to us.

Sabina Urraca: Family lexiconNatalia Ginzburg

Sabina Urraca is known especially for her gonzo journalism articles in which we have read it from eating placenta to sharing Blablacar with the Spanish aristocracy. The prodigy girls (Fulgencio pimentel, 2017), his first book, mix fiction and reality in one of the most passionate and sincere literary debuts of the last times.

Probably, those who liked Sabina's book will love Family lexicon (1963). He has chosen it for how much it relieves her when you think that writing is very difficult. "In its simplicity resides his genius". Reading Natalia reminds her that you just have to put one word behind another.

Following the same line, he also likes it because it shows the greatness of everyday life and the family language that survives through the years. "It shows with mastery the importance of what I like to call the primitive unit of history, the literary beginning of the human being: the family anecdote".

Javier Ruescas: Normal personBenito Taibo

Javier Ruescas is one of the best-known youth writers between the Spanish and Latin American public. His novels PLAY (Montena, 2012) and Pulsations (Editions SM, 2013) were selected among the best youth novels of his year in Babelia. He also has a YouTube channel where he shares his Favorite books, curiosities Y tips for future writers.

For us, he has chosen as his favorite reading Normal person (Destination, 2016) of Benito Taibo. A novel about a child who, when orphaned, moves in with his uncle and begins to live adventures so incredible that he wonders if he is not a "normal person".

Javier likes it because it reminds us the value of small things, of the great stories and of power that resides in us and in the heart of those who love us. "Highly recommended!" Javier tells us.

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