MBFWM 2019: The best and worst of the fourth day of Madrid fashion

The fourth day of Madrid Fashion Week It has had everything, parades that have disappointed with respect to other editions, premieres of designers on the most important catwalk in the country and even one of the best collections we have seen so far. Today we summarize the best and worst we have seen in the Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Madrid.


Duarte He has been in charge of inaugurating the fourth day of the Madrid catwalk. The signature of converted tailoring He had left us a very good taste with his latest proposals, but the truth is that next autumn-winter will cost us more to think about it. The proposal influenced by the work of the sculptor Dan Flavin has not convinced, a beginning of arid and repetitive parade in dark tones and somewhat thick fabrics with little movement have managed to enhance a lazy ending.

Zebra prints in lilac and mustard tones and the beautiful fusion of color in the collection has been the best, although the star of the parade has arrived with the orange sequin, in a single dress, providing some more light. Quilted garments with delicate fabrics such as silk, have an important role in the proposal, but they are somewhat rigid and not very favorable.

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Custo Barcelona

Recognizing to which collection any garment of Custo Barcelona belongs is a heroic task, today it has happened again, but, nevertheless, we have seen something else. The Custo style is the essence of the brand, something that we cannot ask to change, but it is true that different pieces can be created following the same identity. The collection for next season presents two key garments: swollen coats in metallic tones and sequined dresses, with a lot of weight and necklines.

Without doubt, the star pieces of the collection have been the evening dresses, much better than on other occasions, some, even, really beautiful. The patterns of these pieces surprise by the originality and the flattering of some of them. Today we have seen a much more solid and mature collection.

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Brain & Beast

Brain & Beast It has been one of the novelties in this edition of MBFWM, a hyper modern and sweeping brand with a vibrant personality, the best of the proposal. The erotomaniac inspiration It was difficult to find it without previous reading of the press release, but what is clear is that each of the characters who went out to parade, in the purest theatrical style, showed us a character.

With regard to clothes, complicated to examine with such stagingWe are left with some techniques that could become a tendency to have been used more in garments, such as pants with reverse construction, outer garments of different fabrics or jeans made as a patchwork. It will be interesting to see the progression of this brand since the making of it is one of the great qualities.

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Roberto Diz

Parading for the first time on the catwalk in Madrid should not be simple, but much less if you have been triumphing for years and making spectacular dresses the most pomegranate of society. This is what has happened to Roberto Diz Today, his first contact with the great event of Spanish fashion has not disappointed, presenting a collection in which he has made his volume domain, the most sinuous pieces and the perfect pattern, almost architectural.

With a very modern and transgressive look The first models were in black, the predominant color of the collection, three dresses with Diz seal, both in form and content. This time he has combined it with the Silver PVC, one of the designer's big bets for next fall-winter. Although, without a doubt, the most spectacular parade has come with lame fabrics in blues and copper, sculptural dresses with sublime volumes that have cut your breath.

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Juan Vidal

The best of the day, of what we have been editing and probably of the entire Madrid fashion week has been, again, Juan Vidal. The Alicante has again shown that he is one of the few who knows how to transport an idea of ​​collection from beginning to end, in the most exquisite and qualitative way possible. Today we have seen a "pizzeria" (her collection is called Angela's Pizza) full of class, style and dreamlike fabrics. A first part with reversible coats, with seams seen and divine pictures in their flag colors, red, purple and the range of yellows. There is nothing more complicated than taking the apron to the catwalk and making it desirable, since Juan has woven it with heavy sequins, those that are wonderful.

After that, the transition to the night was seen in the crystal stones of the shoes that accompanied the delicate embroidered and printed dresses. Designs with personality and unique, far from everything we have seen in Madrid during these days. It is clear that Juan is one of the designers of the moment and today he has shown it again.

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