Zara's new jewelry collection (in limited edition) will add a minimalist touch to your daily looks

If you are one of those who are passionate about jewelry world but your checking account does not allow you to make large expenses, Zara Come with the intention of falling in love. The reason? The Spanish firm has just presented its latest limited edition jewelry collection where the gold and zircons that mimic the brilliants are the protagonists. This new season we can decorate ears, hands and necklines without spending a great fortune ...

Absolute sobriety in simple but original designs

Do not imagine crazy or extreme designs since the most sober and elegant models get all the attention. In this way the geometric shapes, straight lines and a simple elegance accompanies each of the models with the sole aim of breaking many hearts.

With thick and triple rings, earrings that move away from the typical circular hoops and midi link chains, each of these proposals is perfect to wear 24/7/365.

This new collection is more expensive than normal: it comes in a limited edition and each of the pieces is presented in 24 carat gold plated. in this way its quality is better and the color of the piece lasts much longer. Even so, prices range from 22.95 euros to 29.95 euros (something very affordable if we compare it with jewelery brands that offer the same).

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