OT 2018 wins Rosalia: its first album outperforms that of the new star

In spite of all the comparisons, controversies and doubts that this edition of Triumph operation, the reality is that it continues to successfully surpass its predecessor. At least if we look at the numbers ... and that is The best of 'OT 2018' (part 1), the first album in physical format of the new batch of triumphs, has entered directly to the Number 1 in the list of best-selling albums in Spain In your first week.

Achieving, in addition, the certificate of Golden disc upon exceeding 20,000 copies sold, as Promusicae reports. A figure that the equivalent album of the edition of Amaia, Aitana and company did not reach until a month later of its publication.

The good news comes in a week that will happen to the history of reality by the great #BroncOT of Noemí Galera to the boys after a protest against the new night hours of the academy. The last reprimand of the many that the contestants already accumulate for, among other things, go to the recording studio reluctantly and without knowing what they have to sing.

While the audience of the galas has declined to reach last October 31 the historical minimum of all editions of the talent with a 14.1% screen share, it is not happening in other aspects. The number of attendees at the first signatures of the aforementioned album has also been higher in all cities. It happened on November 3 in Zaragoza, Madrid and Barcelona, ​​place where doubled the number of attendees from 2000 to 5000.

To overcome, with the success of this album, they have passed it even to the very same Rosalia and his Evil want, which has had to settle for second place. Thus many have wanted to see in this detail a sign of the times in which a disc produced fast, to consume now and forget tomorrow, it is imposed in the lists to a careful, pampered work and that is called to become a classic.