Famous Fashion

We are still recovering from the horrible looks of the Gala 4 of Operación Triunfo 2018

While the galas and the performances of Operation Triunfo 2018 they get strength and quality week after week, the styles of this fourth gala have left us patidifuse. As if we had traveled in time to 2001 to those impossible styles of the first Operation Triumph, the set has been filled with brilli brilli, strange prints and a Natalia and Alba that have merged athleisure with the disco look.

Alba and Natalia, athletes in red

The meme has not taken in appearing, since the joke is done alone. Alba and Natalia It seems that they will be in the third season of the paper house with their red monkeys. Mixed with a rhinestones body in the case of Natalia and with a top with strips in the case of Alba, her looks are nowhere to catch them. As much as they sing Toxic from Britney Spears, this styling makes no sense.

What does the 3rd season of La Casa de Papel look like? # OTGala4 # OTDirecto17OCT pic.twitter.com/rcojGUXpDC

- Natalia Álvarez (@Natalia_Who) October 17, 2018

Julia and her garnet look

The set of top and wide pants in maroon color Julia It was elegant but perhaps too serious and suitable for someone older. However, the hanging earrings have put the fun touch to the look.

Marta and Marilia, the most anticipated duo

Honoring Ella, she dances alone, Marta and Marilia have sung their success We cast it to luck. And their looks take us to the worst of the 90s, Martha with a very unflattering newspaper print top and Marilia with a transparent blouse with colored dots that combined with a faux leather pants that finished finishing off the look.