Having tea will become a completely new experience with this new infusion that blooms inside the cup

Having tea is an essential ceremony for some people and in some parts of the world. But for most of us, on a daily basis, it is little more than boiling water and preparing our favorite infusion. Of course, there are always exceptions, such as the one we have met thanks to Flora Tea, an English company (of course) that markets such special tea leaves that bloom when they come into contact with boiling water.

The videos in which tea is seen growing up inside the glass they have a hypnotic effect and, in addition, say those who have tried it that it is also delicious. Is a green tea reminiscent of flowers and strong flavor, available in eight different aromas, from jasmine to lilies, through different mixtures with names as suggestive as "flying snow", "summer love" or "heart desire".

The whole process, from the time we pour the boiling water until the plant sits at the bottom of the cup, takes about a minute. But the time of enjoyment can go well beyond the moment we taste it since, if we continue adding water, the flowers are preserved for several weeks, so we can use them for decoration in an aquarium or in a vase in which the water covers them.

Flora Tea sells approximately half a million units of its teas a year, since in 2007 its founder discovered this process, which it has been used in Asia for years, in a tea room in Hamburg.

Teas are sold in packs of five, ten or twenty units, with a price per unit ranging from 1.60 to 2.40 pounds (between 1.80 and 2.70 euros, approximately). On their website they can be bought and shipped almost anywhere in the world.

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