Victoria's Secret model and engineer at Apple: Lyndsey Scott responds to 'haters' who believe it is an impossible combination

It seems incredible that, in full 2018, there are still people who think that beauty is at odds with intelligence. Or that a single person cannot count on both qualities in a superlative degree. Only this explains the event that Lyndsey Scott has lived, a 34-year-old American model who is also a computer engineer. His resume is impressive, both in one and another facet, but ... not everyone seems to believe it (nor respect it for that).

As a model, Lyndsey got several milestones in her career, such as being Angel Victoria's Secret, be the first African-American woman to sign an exclusive with Calvin Klein or parade for large firms such as Gucci or Prada. In his academic facet, he studied Physics, Economics and Theater, before specializing in Software Engineering. Currently, in addition to still working as a model, is part of the Apple iOS tutorial team, is the creator of multiple apps for iPhone and iPad and give talks on the importance of girls' science education

But he continues to receive comments on his networks every time he mentions his professional achievements at Apple. "What a waste", "I don't believe it" or "just know how to write 'Hello, world'". And it seems that he has tired. Earlier this week he wrote a comment in response to the previous ones, in an Instagram post that highlighted his computer skills and after several comments questioning them:

I have 27,481 points in StackOverFlow. I am on the iOS tutorial team for I am the principal software engineer at RallyBound, the fastest growing 841th company in the United States, according to Inc. magazine. I have a bachelor's degree from Amherst, where I did a double degree in Computer Science and Theater. And I am able to live my life doing what I like most. Seeing these comments, I wonder why 41% of women in technical careers end up leaving because of a hostile work environment. #Go figure

And he wanted to highlight his position and his claim that being a model is no impediment To be an intelligent, prepared woman and a first level professional. He did it by reposting the original post, from a programmer account, and adding his own message:

I just saw this post. Thank you for the recognition, @ Actually, I usually try to ignore the negativity, but I have decided to get into the comments section of this. I didn't want to brag (LOL), just give some data in the hope of convincing at least one negative commentator that programmers can have any shape, size, gender, race, etc. so that they think twice before doubting other women and girls who are in the technological field.

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