Dr Woo, the celebrity tattoo artist, repeats collaboration with Converse in a collection that pays tribute to change

Dr Woo is one of the best known tattooists in the world. After years working with Mark Mahoney at Shamrock Social Club, in Los Angeles, now he has become independent for some time and his client portfolio (famous and not famous) continues to grow. They have passed through their needles celebrities like Miley Cyrus, Emilia Clarke, Lucy Hale, Brooklyn Beckham or Cara Delevingne. Y Now, we can all have their designs ... no need to suffer pain!

It will be thanks to the collaboration (the second already of his career) of Dr Woo with Converse. The passion for art and tattoo design will be reflected in four pairs of sneakers Chuck 70, whose philosophy sums up in "a state of perennial change that never gets stuck"Two of the models, available in black and white, reveal a color palette through the torn design. The other two dare with a much more innovative range, designed for a younger audience.

These last two models come with a pack of three pairs of laces and a transparent sole with the signature of Dr Woo. It is precisely the sole one of the artist's hallmarks, which reflects "All the things I love: vintage, wear your own clothes, its constant evolution and transition, and how the Chuck 70 in particular can stay in your life for such a long time. "

In addition to the shoes, the collection also includes a three-layer Goretex sports jacket with hood and embroidery created by Dr Woo, which will cost 350 euros. The shoes, in adult size, They will cost 110 euros (65 in children's models). They can be purchased on the Converse website.

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