It has a butterfly shape, Missoni signs it and it will surely invade Instagram: we present the most chic inflatable of the summer

We already know that inflatables are the tendency of the last summers. We spent too many months of cold dreaming of lying in a pool on a most stylish float ... and to get the attention of those who see us (in person or through Instagram). We have seen them in all possible ways: flamingos, unicorns, swans, donuts, cacti, crowns ... But what we had not known until now were signature inflatables. Until now. Missoni has come up with the one that (for sure) will become the object of summer wish of the most fashionistas And he has fallen in love with us.

This is the butterfly-shaped design that Funboy manufactures, a brand specializing in inflatables. The design is beautiful, with the sinuous forms of the wings of a butterfly and a colorful with geometric shapes of the most colorful and elegant, very typical of Missoni. The float is reversible, showing on one side warmer tones and on the other cooler.

It was the founder of Funboy himself who contacted Angela Missoni through Instagram to propose the collaboration, which has taken eighteen months of work to go to market. The result is already on sale on the Funboy website by a price of 148 dollars (about 128 euros). Will it be worth paying in exchange for being the most cool of Instagram?

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