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17 party monkeys with which to excel at your graduation

Do you want to be the most original of your graduation or as a wedding guest? Bet on a monkey, either short or long, and you will give the bell among all the dresses. The jumpsuit can be a very elegant option for a graduation or for any party, which is divine with good heels and successful accessories. Party looks with jumpsuit are in fashion and reasons for this are not lacking.

Asymmetric monkey

In red, and with a beautiful drape at the waist, we like this monkey even for a wedding. You have it in Mango for 69.99 euros.

Polka Dot Monkey

A very chic and daring option, with the Pretty Woman print that all look, and that you can wear at your graduation for 49.99 euros in Mango.

Knitted jumpsuit

A fabric that looks great and with a arty print of the most original, this monkey with a sash belt It is perfect to succeed in graduation, it costs 49.99 euros in Mango.

Floral print jumpsuit

Look the most spring with this Mango jumpsuit for 49.99 euros, we love the steering wheel that makes the sleeves.

Short jumpsuit

In red color and with a bow as a belt, this short jumpsuit Sfera, for 39.99 euros, it will serve you at your graduation and you can reuse it later.

Blue Monkey

With halter neckline and combined with fringed earrings, this blue sfera monkey, for 29.99 euros, makes you the ideal look to collect the title and then go out to celebrate it.

Black and white monkey

A combination that is always very chic: in black and white, and with dots, this Sfera monkey It is an ideal choice for a graduation, for 29.99 euros.

Monkey with plumetti

If you think that everything is more elegant in black, this monkey of suspenders will love you. Its price is 39.95 euros and is Zara.

Jumpsuit with lace

Another black monkey that does not go out of style, with a body with transparencies and peplum that looks great, its price is 39.95 euros in Zara.

Navy blue jumpsuit

Just as elegant as black, but more relaxed, navy blue looks just as good in this draped Zara jumpsuit, for 39.95 euros.

Culotte jumpsuit

With bandeau neckline and a subtle print, this H&M jumpsuit He has fallen in love with us for his romanticism and costs 49.99 euros.

Monkey with bare shoulders

Put a sexy touch to your graduation with this blue H&M jumpsuit That exposes the shoulders. It costs 59.99 euros.

Jumpsuit with steering wheel

Another monkey ideal for good weather, in red, with bare shoulders and a large steering wheel. Its price is 39.99 euros.

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