The Marine Layer brand converts some of its points of sale in Airbnb accommodation

Airbnb offers you the possibility of staying in incredible places and we have seen practically everything, even being able to sleep in a football stadium like Bayern Munich. But ... and stay in a fashion store?

The California brand Marine Layer, which since 2011 has won the fervor of millennials with their shirts, has decided to reuse the upper floors of some of its outlets in the most tourist cities to turn them into Airbnb accommodations. The result is unleashing the madness on Instagram for its careful vintage aesthetics, its colorful details and other extras difficult to find in any other accommodation, such as free snacks. Not to mention discounts on clothes up to 15% ...

Could be a hypothetical plan B to survive a crisis, but at the Marine Layer brand things are going well, frankly well. In addition to having 34 points of sale open throughout the United States, its sales increased from 2016 to 2017 by 50%. So why get into the mess of renting tourists upstairs from their stores?

Everything responds to a careful communication strategy, a way to create a brand and have an original presence in social networks without having to invest in buying ads or more traditional methods.

It all started as these things usually start: out of necessity. Marine Layer founder Michael Natenshon spent the day traveling from California to Portland and he and other members of his team needed a place to sleep. As the store only occupied one silver of the building where it was located and there was an upper floor available for rent, the idea came alone. The next step also came alone: ​​Natenshon took as a reference the unmistakable style of the brand's stores. A guarantee of success because it often happened to them that customers wanted to buy the furniture and details they saw at the points of sale.

Total success. This first floor of Portland is reserved on Airbnb 300 days a year, which has encouraged Marine Layer to open more spaces in other locations where they have stores. He has just opened one in New Orleans, right on top of his newly opened shop, and they also have a third space in Chicago. In addition, for this summer they plan to open a fourth apartment in Nashville and their plans include locations such as New York and Austin.

"We are in a time when the traditional rules of fashion sales are no longer useful, so brands have to create new and different ways to connect with their customers," Natenshon explains. With actions such as these Airbnb apartments, much more is achieved that the fact that customers enter the stores to buy fashion, they are also able to connect with the brand beyond the stores. Moreover, this series of apartments, so consistent with the brand's retro style, are also the perfect vehicle for transmit the values ​​of it and its way of seeing the world. And enjoy it, of course.

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