Yes to the pastel and metallic tones of the new Babor makeup collection

It's been a good season that we have included Babor among our favorites in terms of treatments, however, the brand gives much more of itself, and we can also find Your own makeup line. Thus, for this spring-summer they leave us a collection in which the pastel shades and metallic textures They are the protagonists, a collection with which Peter Schmidinger, the official makeup artist of Babor, wants to convey the joy and good vibes of this time of year and that we have loved.

We start with the lipsticks, with the Creamy Lip Color with metallic finish and creamy beautiful for very modern looks and not go unnoticed. In addition, they contain moisturizing extract of Mango and Pomegranate to keep our lips soft. its price is € 28.50 and is available in nude and fuchsia, two tones must have of spring.

For the lips they also bring us another different format such as lip oil, which is a gloss to which lipids are added for a softer lip feel, keeping them nourished throughout the day. They contain sea ​​cabbage extract To stimulate the protection of cells, anti-OX and increase the production of Collagen. Very interesting, no doubt, and for a Price of € 20.30.

And we continue with the eyes with a creamy eyeliner pencil Metallic finish, very light, which serves to draw a thin line or mix to create a fresh eye shadow. You know that light tones, especially white, applied for example in the water line opens the eye, or else we can always apply it as an eyeliner and achieve one of the looks of the season. its Price is € 16.

The Eye shadow pencil are two eye shadow pencils creamy with metallic finish and that come in two shades, one blue and another green (11 Sky Blue and 10 Mint), being also long lasting. its price is € 20.50 each and they look like giving a lot of play.

As a mascara, this collection offers us a 100% waterproof Natural finish or with more volume thanks if we apply more layers. Its price is € 29.50 and to remove it better (because of being waterproof) we recommend doing it with the cleaning ritual Cleasing CP de Babor that so freaked us out.

And we finish with the long-lasting nail polishes and fast drying that reach us in five perfect shades facing the good weather where pastel tones are imposed. its price is € 15.50 and, specifically, we find 15 mint, 16 candy pink, 17 white lights, 18 sky blue, 19 pink power.

And all this can be combined with the foundation and other products that we propose from the brand. What do you think of this new collection?

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