Cynthia Nixon confirms the rumors and announces that she will run for election to be governor of New York

In the United States, it is not strange that we see people in the entertainment industry moving to politics. And succeed in it. From Ronald Reagan to Arnold Schwarzenegger ... and now to Cynthia Nixon. Yes, the unforgettable Miranda, of Sex in New York, just announced that it will make the leap to politics (after months of rumors), running for elections to become governor of the state of New York. In a two-minute video posted on her networks, the actress declares her love for New York and challenges Andrew Cuomo, the current governor, of the Democratic Party, with a message very focused on public education.

I love New York, and today I'm announcing my candidacy for governor. Join us: //t.co/9DwsxWW8xX pic.twitter.com/kYTvx6GZiD

- Cynthia Nixon (@CynthiaNixon) March 19, 2018

Start the video by saying that New York is your home, which has never lived elsewhere, that her mother raised her in an apartment without an elevator and now she raises her three children also in the city, to then make an allegation of the public school, in which she studied and in which her children study. She complains that today's children do not have the opportunities she did enjoy and is alarmed that half of the children in the north of the state live below the poverty line.

Nixon, 51, defends a progressive change of sign as the basis of his candidacy, focused on issues such as education, health, mass transportation or the situation of the prison population.

The battle that lies ahead is hard. His rival, Cuomo, was attorney general before the seven years he has been in command in New York and his name sounds to present battle to Donald Trump in future presidential elections. It has a budget of 30 million dollars for the campaign, so one of Nixon's first decisions has been to open a donation website for his own.

It will be in early November when the elections are held. The actress has these seven and a half months ahead to go back in some surveys that, for the moment, place her far from the goal (Approximately 66% of voters support Cuomo versus 19% of Nixon). But her popularity, especially among the youngest, will play an important role in knowing if Miranda Hobbes will end up running the city that made her famous throughout the world.

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