Oscars 2018: the 5 beauty trends that we aim to implement this season

We are still in full hangover of the Oscars 2018, digesting all the looks, designs and celebrities that have passed through the red carpet. It is time to analyze with magnifying glass the news of the red carpet and take note of the styles to implement the new fashions that are to come. In a matter of beauty, these are the 5 trends that we are sure will petar Looking forward to next season.

Lioness mane

We have seen those already forced bobs on the red carpet in the hands of some celebrities like Saoirse Ronan or Margot Robbie. They have long been short and careful mane, that's why we were surprised to see so many XL strokes with so much volume. But if Jennifer Garner and Jennifer Lawrence say so, we will have to open our eyes wide, because they will become the most.

No-makeup effect

Other years have been loaded with lips burgundy intense and smoky-eyes more dramatic But this has been a face lift, literally speaking. Many celebrities have opted for the tendency no-makeup, using tones nude very natural to go beautiful without too much color, as if they had just woken up. Will you join the trend?

Goodbye to false eyelashes

The same thing that has happened with makeup has also happened with maxi eyelashes. If last year we saw big eyelashes with XL tabs that marked the eye and intensified it to the extreme, now the celebrities have decided opt for comfort and naturalness and apply mask giving up extensions. Is it the end of the era lashes?

Ornaments, flowers and metallic beautifying the hair

Either you love them or you hate them, but the hair (the more natural the better) is filling with ornaments to show off. Lupita Nyong'o did not hesitate to wear a headband, but there were others who took him to the extreme with metallic tattoos or flower-filled pigtails. Excessive to our liking, but it is the beginning of a new trend beauty.

The smooth extra smooth

One of the trends that has attracted the most attention on the red carpet of the Oscars 2018 has been that of smooth hairs like tables from roots to ends. A very popular hairstyle in the 2000s, when hair straighteners were our faithful allies. It seems to be hitting hard, because there were several celebrities which coincided in hairstyle.

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