Are you a fan of Spanish influencer with better lips? You're in luck, we'll have Dulceida x MAC

Aida Domenech has taken the fashion world by the horns and is eating it with potatoes. Collaborations with the top companies in the sector, dream trips and tickets Front row for the most followed events. But that has not been enough for the influencer, which continues up stairs and causing sensation. The universe beauty It was already his with collaborations like Rimmel London, but he has taken a step further: He will have his own MAC lipstick, made with his own hands and on sale very soon. Will you get the "Aida Matte"?

Aida Domenech has one of the prettiest lips of all the blogosphere and his feed Instagram is always full of questions from his followers about what color he wears or how he paints them. Not for less, Dulceida knows how to get a lot out of makeup, making them always attract attention. It doesn't matter if it's in passion red or in the nude more natural, his lips are always protagonists. So much so that the star lipstick firm has taken it to Toronto to create its own hue in MAC laboratories.

Dulceida has used her stories to show us the entire creation process, including its look with laboratory glasses and custom black coat of the cosmetic firm. However, we still do not have information about the color you will have chosen (beyond knowing that it will be matte). However, we can bet that we will have some novel shade of deep red made in Dulceida To brighten our face this spring.

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