If you are looking for the most original photos for your wedding, this ranking of the best of 2017 may be the best inspiration

Choosing the style of your wedding photos is one of the most important decisions a couple should make. After all, the big day passes quickly and it is the images that remain forever in memory. And no one wants those stupid and unnatural photos that were the usual tonic until a few years ago. Now there are proposals for all tastes, and even contests to choose the best in the world.

That is what Junebug Weddings has organized for ten years, the annual contest of the best wedding photos in the world. This year, Photographers from all over the world have sent close to 9,000 images to try to win the coveted award, of which a jury has chosen the fifty best, which can be seen on the Junebug website. And these have been the ones that have had the honor of entering the top ten of favorites. As we said, there is something for everyone.

1: The race to the altar

2: Love under the snow

3: Veil to the wind

4: The devotion

5: Fireworks

6: The beauty of the spontaneous

7: Let the rain not ruin the day

8: Out loud

9: Shining

10: You can kiss the bride

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