Eva Longoria boasts a belly in social networks

A few days ago we gave the great news that Eva Longoria is pregnant with her first child, a good news that we welcomed with great affection that the actress had always expressed her desire to be a mother. The case is that, from that moment, we wanted to see Eva's belly, above all, by being non-existent in his most recent appearances, and now he has come in Instagram photo

The mystery of the waning bellies is something that among the celebrities there is a lot and never ceases to surprise us. Suddenly one day we see them and they are not noticed at all, and others we were impressed with the dimensions. The second case has been Eva Longoria, since just a month ago we saw her on the red carpet for no reason that made us suspect, and now we have her in Olivia Munn's Instagram account leaving us a very strong profilebeing his Social media debut.

What is clear is that this Christmas, Eva is taking advantage of them to let herself be loved by her friends and celebrate these special days beautifully surrounded, preparing as next year will be one more to celebrate.

Video: Pregnant Eva Longoria takes Beverly Hills stroll with husband Jose (December 2019).