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17 black party dresses that are a real crush

A classic that never fails: The black dress Surely you have many in your closet but they are never enough. If you do not know what to wear these holidays a black design is always a safe bet, renewed models that point to the latest trends and that delight a perfect style. Different fabrics, styles, lengths and prices ... 17 proposals that are a real crush and with which you will make a difference.

Lace is a classic that never fails. We see it in this mini-dress with pinko puffed details and puffed sleeves. Its price is of 425 euros

Very sophisticated black dress in Victorian style, with plumeti, velvet and lace details by Pati Conde by Dándara. Its price is of 99 euros

Elegant midi long dress with a crossed neckline and tulle skirt with velvet plumeti details and a La Redoute waist tie. Its price is of 34.99 euros.

Simple little black dress Fitted with ruffle details on the sleeves and cuffs of Liu Jo. Its price is of 195 euros.

If you sign up for the glitter fashion, this black sequin dress is perfect for party nights. A Mango model whose price is 39.99 euros.

Look with a lot of movement thanks to the fringes of the sleeves and neckline. A short model of Sfera whose price is 29.99 euros.

The velvet trend is sweeping and more when it comes to party dresses. This low-back design with bow detail is cute and is signed by Esprit. Simple and elegant. Its price is of 69.99 euros.

If you want to be the sexiest of the party dare with this Pinko lace mini-dress, you will be the feeling of the party. Its price is of 415 euros.

Sophisticated Ba & sh chiffon dress, collar halter silver. A perfect design for special occasions whose price is 550 euros

Knit dress with asymmetrical neckline sequins and a marked Wild Pony waist. Its price is of 90 euros

Cross midi dress, with shoulders to the air and opening in the black velvet skirt of Stradivarius. Its price is of 25.95 euros.

Do you join the fashion of American dresses? In Zara you will find proposals such as these in black, perfect for day or night. Its price is of 79.95 euros.

Romantic black dress with white polka dots print, air shoulders and tulle ruffle. A cutie of Maje whose price is 147.50 euros.

Velvet dress combined with neckline and sleeves of plumeti fabric, ideal for Christmas nights of Easy Wear. Its price is of 39.99 euros.

Shoulders in the air and giving off sensuality. This will be your look if you choose this velvet Zara dress by Rita Hayworth. Its price is of 29.95 euros.

A faux leather dress is also a wise bet for look partying. The best example we have in this dress with a pronounced neckline and skirt with a light flight from La Redoute. Its price is of 18.49 euros.

Ruffles and more frills, but strategically placed, are the protagonists of this beautiful Sandro dress. An asymmetrical bright fabric design whose price is 275 euros.

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