Dolores Promesas presents 3 new cosmetic lines that will solve more than one dilemma this Christmas

A few months ago we told you how Dolores Promises He had begun incorporating lines of perfumes and beauty into his aesthetic universe. Simple care under the guidelines that identify your brand: fun, message and a little bit of reflection for products destined for a young and dynamic woman under surprising formats and originals.

It is no accident that just before Christmas The firm incorporates into its collection 3 new lines of perfumery very defined, and so optimistic as to make me think that any of them can become a bestseller in the coming dates. Each one is identified with a typical phrase of Pains That marks an intention.

A spirit and much joy

The new lines reflect the spirit of Dolores Promises, the selection of your essences, every Name Y packaging they are much more than simple care and turn something routine into a wake-up call to optimism Y color under vichy frames, custom prints and a certain retro air. These three new lines are added to the collection Dolores Promises Beauty composed so far by "Dolores Promesas" and "Dolores Promesas Heaven", Y "I promise to be faithful".

The novelties are composed with fundamental details for the grooming and care: fresh colonies, body wash, hand soap, body lotion ... Everything essential to make the routine a special moment under the names: With lots of art, Luck smiles at me and Báilame el agua. I tell you what each one consists of.

3 lines

  • Luck smiles at me It is inspired by the idea of ​​moving to unique moments, meetings of friends, freedom and laughter. The fragrance brings notes of coconut and cardamom and is delicate with a point sparkling.
  • With a lot of art, wants to be a tribute to dance and art, as notes and characteristics of the firm. He eau de toilettegel bathroom and soap hands with floral extracts and citrus notes Grapefruit

  • Dance me the water, inspired by the girls who jump in the puddles and sing in the rain ..., is designed for lovers of life. This line takes us to urban streets, to cafes with friends in front of the fireplace, laughs, songs, meetings. All this is combined in a fragrance with a lot of rhythm in which we find notes of cherry, violet, pink and amber.

Looking ahead to the parties, Dolores Promesas has designed two exclusive necessities of the lines “Luck smiles at me ” Y "Dance me the water" They contain the eau de toilette, body milk, body wash, a flower sponge and shampoo. further Dolores Promises Heaven, its emblematic fragrance features another gift chest that includes perfume, body wash and body lotion.

Dolores Promises He is a virtual character with a story in which many things happen, which defines her as brave, positive and open. Creations with its own philosophy and a very personal style, aims to convey what you feel in each piece you design, using logos, icons and phrases, objects and symbols and its newly launched line of perfumery and personal care.

The prices of the new products cover a strip that goes from 3 euros to 18 euros, which allows us to consider it as a great option when we think about giving away Christmas to the young women who begin to be enthusiastic about Cosmetic products with something else.

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