It is possible that queues are formed again in Primark: this time for its collection of Christmas balls

A few months ago the world was patidious and stunned to see what Primark had achieved when he put up a Chip-shaped cup for sale (the mythical character of 'Beauty and the Beast'): people, desperate, ran through the aisles to get a copy and took out the worst of it to avoid running out of it . We will not forget those images, but it is possible that those images will be repeated shortly ... And all because of "fault" of their new collection of christmas balls.

Hipster trees for modern house

If you have soul of millennial and you want a hipster Christmas tree that matches your modern home, here is the solution to all dilemmas. A series of fun and original ornaments break with all the stereotypes of yesteryear: Christmas balls can be very cool. In the form of a cocktail, donut or popcorn, these supplements will petar (and will be seen and not seen).

And if you prefer something more "simple" here are other options in the form of Eiffel Tower -for all travelers-, gingerbread cookie and a pick up Of the coolest.

In Trednencias | This Christmas your home will give off style without spending a lot of money thanks to the beautiful (and economical) Primark collection

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