Everyone is alert that we have budding new Kardashian / Jenner: premium in sight!

We have had a season that with the announcements of the pregnancies of Kylie Jenner and Khloé Kardashian, as well as Kim's sweet wait, it seems they are keeping to a lower profile of what we are accustomed to, with few exits and little material on social networks. It may be our impression, but the fact is that when things stay calm, they generate more fear than when they get daily news of any of them ...

Be that as it may, in the absence of bread, good cakes, and nothing like a "fake" calm in the house of the Queen Kris, to leave new members to the fore as Natalie Zettel, aka, the cousin model from the most famous family, with permission from The Simpsons (although these are much more realistic in every way than the others ...).

Family, blessed treasure ...

Let's see, let's get in the background because many of you will be more lost with kinships than watching Game of Thrones. Although no one had ever heard of her before, Natalie is the carnal cousin of the girls, as She is the daughter of a sister of Kris, Karen Houghton.

"Dowries" model

At 18, Natalie has started her modeling career and we have already seen him pose with models of the signatures of his cousins ​​Kylie and Kendall, or in multiple poses.

Yes, the girl is very cute, being much more natural than her cousins, which is appreciated, yes, there is no doubt that she still lacks many tables in the world of the inn, she does not have the mega career of any of her cousins, But you learn everything from everything. What is clear is that is having a very good reception, so we will try not to lose it of life.

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