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Tired of being followed on the street, this young Dutch woman decided to take a selfie with each stalker (and upload them to Instagram)

Street harassment is a problem that no woman is foreign to. We have all suffered at one time or another awkward situations, those that are scary and that we do not know very well what to do. And one of the most common forms of street harassment is persecution: when a man follows us down the street, silently or making comments that the only thing they get is to make things worse. There are some weapons that we can use against those situations, such as app Companion or, of course, recourse to the law, but a young Dutch woman has found her solution (or, perhaps, her revenge) through Instagram. Thus was born the account @dearcatcallers.

"Hmmmm… do you want a kiss?"

Catcaller It's the English word for those street pursuers. And Noa Jansma, this twenty-year-old Dutch woman, points them out in her publications. How? Well, using a tool that we know well: selfie. When she has been chased through the streets, she has taken a picture of the situation and then uploads them to her account along with a brief description of what happened. His publications have become viral and already more than 135,000 followers are there, on the other side of the screen, ready to point the finger to those who do not respect the freedom of a woman for something as basic as walking quietly on the street.

"I know what I would do to you, baby"

He has followed me slowly down two streets, shouting "Sexy!" and "Do you want to get in my car?"

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