These are the seven basic (and highly recommended) products of Korean and Japanese cosmetics that I use daily during my nighttime routine

Some time ago I wanted to share with you all what is my night beauty routine, that I never jump, not even those nights that last until the wee hours. And, personally, I think that It's fundamental maintain a proper routine, especially at night that is when the skin regenerates.

Therefore, it is not negotiable for me to devote a few minutes (a few, I do not lie) to clean, tone and moisturize my face before going to bed. So then I leave all the basic products (yes, sometimes there is more depending on the state of my skin) that I use for this ritual.

Face cleaning

It is essential to clean the face every night. Remove makeup or simply the remains of dirt that accumulate during the day, clog our pores and contribute to the bad complexion.

So for a few months now I use Senka Perfect Whip (signature that belongs to the Shiseido group, which no longer gives clues of what kind of quality we can expect). I had long since heard of him as one of the best cleaners, a must-have that you had to buy if you went to Japan.

Well, I have not gone to Japan, but my good friend Viola de Lesseps of Diario el Viajero, was in the Japanese country last spring and, knowing my obsession with cosmetics, I brought this famous cleaner as a gift. You can imagine my degree of happiness and gratitude.

Although my skin is dry and the use of gels is not recommended, I don't know how to live without washing my face It is the only way I really feel that my skin is clean. I will also tell you that when I use a lot of makeup I prefer a double cleaning, but since I have been using very light makeup for a while, it is more than enough with just one product.

It's about a very dense gel, with which with a very small amount, it makes a lot of foam (but a lot, so be careful with the first applications because you can shower directly). It's a gel Super soft, that does not dry out or irritate, removes all kinds of impurities, makeup, regulates sebum secretion (if you have) and leave the skin super clean, fresh and, yes, hydrated also, because it leaves me no feeling of tightness.

Honestly, it's a real wonder and I can never thank my dear Viola enough. Of course, if you do not plan to travel to Japan, I will tell you that you can buy it through Amazon (I have already bought another to give away and it took me about 10 days, which are worth waiting for) and for such a "ridiculous" price as they are about € 8 (same price as in Japan, by the way).

Without a doubt, I recommend it because it has been a great discovery. All those reviews I read in his day they were right and it is one of the best I have tried that he will be with me for a long time (and not only for what it spreads).

Japan Health and Personal - Senka Perfect Whip 120g * AF27 * by Specialized course

Today on Amazon for € 8.11


As a next step, apply the tonic. I already told you a season ago the wonders of Klairs Supple Preparation Facial Toner, one of the best-sellers of Korean cosmetics, a tonic that really is a pass for my skin and that I apply it either to tapping with a cotton ball or directly pouring a small amount on the palms and apply it on the face leaving it It is absorbed by the skin.

As I told you then, there are two versions: the classic with aroma, and the one that they took out later without any fragrance. Well, once the first one was the one I liked the most because the aroma seemed very pleasant to me, I am finishing the second without aroma, whose result on the skin is exactly the same.

The price of both is the same, € 23.99 and, for me, it is still a great discovery also that I know it will continue in my need a lot of time.


I had been in my hands for a while Ultra Botanic Serum Lotion from A. by BOM, a luxury brand in Korea. However, I had not had the chance to try it until a few weeks ago and it was a big mistake, because it is a product that I also love.

It's about a 2-in-1 serum because it is a lotion and a serum, Two products that are wonderful separately and together as in this case. You already know that I am a big fan of lotions and that of Galènic has me totally crazy (in fact I still use it every morning), so it is normal that I loved this serum.

Thus, among the main ingredients we have plants that survive in extreme environments and without resources such as aloe vera, cactus, baobab and Jericho rose.

At first It is indicated for mixed or normal skin, that is absorbed at the moment, but I already tell you that my dry skin is doing great, because its formula maintains skin hydration providing luminosity.

Perhaps the only one that I put is the application system because the product does not work out very well, but let's take a minute. Its price is € 38.99.

Eye contour and night cream

Then I apply the eye contour and the night cream. I am now using the line Cell Radiance of Kosé, that Japanese firm that is a true jewel of cosmetics.

First you have to apply the eye contour, I have to say that I use both morning and night. It is a highly effective cream that helps reduce the visible signs of aging around the sensitive area around the eyes. Its formula is absorbed instantly, intensely moisturizing the area.

The result is a very skin hydrated, illuminating the area and decreasing slightly (you know that miracles better to Lourdes) wrinkles. I really like the feeling of comfort that leaves me and the great hydration, so I think it's a discovery whose price is € 55.

On the other hand, we have the Rice Power TM Extract Replenish & Renew Night Cream, the night cream, which is amazing. So, simply. A creamy cream, one of those that we like dry skin so much, but that is perfectly absorbed at the moment, leaving a feeling of absolute comfort, waking up the next morning with a feeling of hydration, freshness, maximum luminosity, getting a more skin Juicy and smooth.

And it is that this cream, acts at night sealing the essential hydration during all hours of sleep, which is formulated with a mixture of perilla leaf extract and prairie grass oil that soothes, soothes and smoothes the skin. Its price is € 71.

Two other great discoveries that add others of the firm that are jewels of my dresser.


I know, there are other steps that I could include and sometimes I do, like putting on a tissue mask, or a night mask, or using some oil like Urang's that I love, when my skin is specifically dry, apply essences after the tonic ... But in general, these are the steps I follow.

Of course, one that I love is the massage for which I use this massager Kenzoki that, feeling it a lot, I just did not find online, and that grinds me. It is normal to use it after the serum or oil, it helps to penetrate, but since Kosé cream is dense I usually apply it at the end, for greater absorption.

It is basic when using a massager of any type follow the instructions and directions, because no, it cannot be applied to free will. The normal thing is to follow the contours from the center to the ends and Sow from bottom to top.

It's a pass, super nice and the skin notices with some past alone. With use the skin is smoother, I assure you.


And finally, before I go to bed I apply to my lips my last great discovery of korean cosmetics That freaks me out. It's about the night mask Lip Sleeping Mask of Laneige, One of the most popular firms in Korea.

It is a product that acts as a softening balm that wraps the lips to maximize hydration. And go if it does: the next day you wake up with the perfect lips, super hydrated, smooth and with a light touch pump.

It is composed of antioxidants that nourish and regenerate dry lips during sleeping hours, thanks to the hyaluronic acid and minerals, which provide a feeling of well-being.

In addition, during the day you can apply it before the lipstick, since it improves the final result and prolongs the duration of the color. Its price is € 20.95.

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