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A California institute replaces girls' bathroom mirrors with 'body positive' messages

He body positive It's much more than an Instagram fad. It is a trend that can help us accept our body and face our day to day without obsessing ourselves with trying to be who we are not. If it is important in adulthood, much more can be in a stage as full of doubts and insecurities as adolescence. That is what Sabrina Astle, a seventeen-year-old student at Laguna Hills Institute in California, thought she decided to propose as an extracurricular activity to spread a message of love and positivity.

The rest of the students were involved in their idea, and they decided, with the support of some teachers and parents, replace girls' bathroom mirrors with positive messages written by the students themselves. "The posters help people remember that we are all beautiful, that we are all good enough, that we are all important and that we should all be treated in the same way. I did it because I am passionate about the fact that we all need to care for and be cared for. "said Sabrina.

On the posters you can read messages like "you deserve the best", "smile", "love and let love", "you are dear", "you are amazing", "you are better than you think" ... Without a doubt, a good idea to start a high school day with a high spirits.

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