Emma Watson responds to harsh criticism and defines feminism for those who have problems understanding it

Last week actress Emma Watson was accused of betraying all her feminist ideals when he appeared showing part of his chest in a photo shoot for Vanity Fair magazine. Critics quickly spread through social networks and He was accused of being hypocritical and contradict everything that is supposed to defend with campaigns like HeforShe.

Now in a video, the actress has not only responded to these criticisms with the assurance of who firmly believes in what she does but has also explained why in her opinion it is a mistake to think that way and what it really means to be a feminist.

The last one was not a good week for Emma. His session at Vanity Fair resulted in a lot of criticism and misunderstanding and he had to read things on social networks like these that are attached below.

Emma Watson: "Feminism, feminism ... gender wage gap ... why oh why am I not taken seriously ... feminism ... oh, and here are my tits!" pic.twitter.com/gb7OvxzRH9

- Julia Hartley-Brewer (@ JuliaHB1) March 1, 2017

@ JuliaHB1 Emma Watson another clueless luvvie doesn't understand feminist means speaking out against CSE, FGM & oppression! #Hypocrites

- STOP🛇CSE (@ S70PR4P3) March 1, 2017

Feminist: girls? Topless? Ban them! Emma Watson topless? Brave and Stunning! #doublethink #hypocrisy

- brett caton (@ bcaton2) March 1, 2017

In a moment like this it is normal sometimes to feel confused about what it is to be a feminist and what is not. But the protagonist of Beauty and the Beast It seems to be very clear and he has defended it in a video.

. @ EmmaWatson on the controversy over her almost topless @VanityFair cover shoot. //t.co/9kNDAV90w6 pic.twitter.com/Bc2b5JuVHE

- BBC News (World) (@BBCWorld) March 5, 2017

"It always amazes me how many preconceived and misunderstood ideas there are about what feminism really is", explains in the video. "Feminism is giving women the possibility to choose. It is not a bat with which to hit other women. It's freedom, it's liberation, it's equality ".

And finally he added: "I have no idea what my tits have to do with this. It's very confusing.".

In that same interview was the actor Dan Stevens, who gives life to the Beast in the film and who we all know for his role in Downtown Abbey. The conversation between the two is also very clarifying when he asks Emma about what the people are saying about her and the actress replies: "They say I can't be a feminist and ...". "Have boobs?", he answers. "Have boobs", Emma confirms.

Referents of the feminist struggle like Gloria Steinem have defended Watson's position, stating that you don't need a bra to be a true feminist and that "Real feminists like her can dress as c ... they want".

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