Hannibal Laguna has in its 2020 collection the perfect guest looks for the most glamorous weddings

True to her feminine and sophisticated style, Hannibal Laguna has presented Chlorophyll its Spring-Summer 2020 collection at the Madrid Fashion Week. A sample loaded with looks Perfect guest where the dress is undoubtedly the main protagonist, with some pants out. So if you have a wedding next summer, stay with these sophisticated designs loaded with color and style. They will not leave you indifferent.

Dresses are the key to the collection, available in different versions. Vaporous designs of asymmetric bodies and puffed sleeves, full-color rhinestones flower bodies combined with skirts with vertigo openings, tight waists and impeccable falls.

Some of the creations are asymmetrical or long skirts midi in plain colors to combine with eye-catching bodies or cross models of puffed sleeves. There is also room for sophisticated models of very striking flower prints cutting lady long skirts and corset neckline bodies, marking waist.

They are not missing looks With Pant, another perfect guest alternative: models palazzo and flared that look like maxi skirts, type culotte and cigarette. Three options combined with vaporous or draped bodies and high volume top.

The parade has been a color explosion from lime, pastel and flashy tones like yellow and red to successful combinations color block

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