The most elegant and sophisticated Italy becomes Juan Vidal's inspiration for next summer

Juan Vidal He has become one of the most important designers of the moment on the national scene. Their collections with personality from beginning to end and the work that takes each piece has taken him to the top, crossing even borders and conquering celebrities from around the world. 'Venus to Rome' It is the name of a proposal loaded with delicate and sophisticated garments with a patent Italian inspiration from accessories to prints.

Since grapes and grape leaves to angels, the prints that on this occasion have occupied very steamy dresses and with a fantastic movement.

White has been the color you have chosen to open the parade, garments with very pure cuts and ruffles on necklines that broke with the first looks somewhat simpler and with loose and straight lines. The magic in this case was provided by accessories, golden spikes with crystals and fish-shaped earrings that have fallen in love with us.

With the more special dresses The moments of maximum expression have begun to arrive, although we cannot let the Knitwear in pastel blue and gold tone, a real wonder. Silk gauze and satins of the same material perfectly built a second skin with a lot of fall and movement. The tafetas, one of the fabrics that is giving more talk lately has also made an appearance in the collection.

The end has been a dream, Silk knitted dresses with very flattering purses, but also long with very elegant ties and prints. The black mixed with the white and the volumes this time gave rise to weights, so flattering.