This Valentine shares your training with your partner

Share workouts with our partner It can be one of the best ways to feel motivated to keep fit: in addition to having a fun time, we will also foster teamwork, trust and share quality time with that special person.

Then we leave you some routine training ideas of different types (Workouts with body weight, yoga, gym training) from which you can take ideas to organize a couple training on Valentine's Day. The most important thing is to enjoy and have fun!

If you are a yogi

If what you like is Yoga and your partner has not yet decided to try it, this can be a great opportunity for you start in the world of asanas and meditation. The first step will always be to explain a little bit what you are going to do and what you will experience the first time you feel about a mat: it is important to share these experiences so that you do not get blank for the first session.

One possibility is that you try both together a completely new type of Yoga for both: If you already practice Vinyasa Yoga, for example, you can enter a session of Kundalini Yoga together that, although based on the same principles, its practice is very different. In this way you can enjoy both of something new.

If you are a daring couple, you can try the Acroyoga: This is a variant of traditional Yoga in which asanas are performed between two people, and elements of acrobatics and balances are mixed. A great way to feel empathetic while doing sports.

If yours is to burn kilometers

Every day there are more runners who encourage their partners to join this rush by running, and they end up crossing the finish line of many races together. Having your partner as a running training partner is a great advantage, since you will never run alone again if you don't want to.

A very funny type of training that you can do as a couple is the fartlek: it consists of making rhythm changes combining higher and lower speeds to recover, but without establishing a specific rhythm. A case study: you're running through the park and you say "I'm going to run to the second lamppost at full intensity," and then recover trotting as long as necessary, of course.

This type of training is tiring and very effective in improving speed. And you'll see how tremendously easy it is to sting and increase your pace when you do it with a training partner: much more fun than training alone, without a doubt.

If you both like to train in the gym

If both your partner and you are one of those who prefer to train in the gym, you have the great luck of have the advantage of mutual motivation, something that many people need: the day that one does not feel like going to train, the other is sure to encourage him to go through the gym.

For a special training in couple we propose a full-body circuit that you can complete both, each in its level. With basic exercises, either with our own body weight or with bars and discs, such as squats, rowing, bench press or push-ups and some abdominal work with the plank, you will get a full and enjoyable workout.

If you organize it as a circuit (one exercise after another without resting between them, and with several complete rounds) you can plan it in two ways: on the one hand you can set a time limit and see who is able to circle the circuit, or you can set a specific number of rounds and see who of the two finishes it before. A little healthy competitiveness also reinforces the couple.

Above all remember that the goal is to enjoy your relationship also in your leisure time, Happy Valentine, athletes!

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