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Kendall Jenner is addicted to transparencies and dresses to the limit on the streets of Paris

You are only young once and Kendall Jenner is taking advantage of this era to dress to the limit and give talk on the road. We know that he is a fan of transparencies, and he has shown us that through his outfits. These days is in Paris for the Men's Fashion Week (He has paraded for Givenchy and may take advantage of the Haute Couture Week) and has not hesitated to leave the discovered all its attributes thanks to a transparent tulle top. Of course, her breasts were safe due to strategic stars.

The complete look that has left more than one patidifuso

With high-waisted black pants and a denim jacket with hair sleeves, the sister of the Kardashian has left everyone with her jaw disengaged. We know she has a body to look and be seen but, does this look exceeds the limits of style? It is already known that for tastes ... The colors.

THE jacket

Once the colors have come down after seeing the most hidden charms of the model, there is a garment that stands out above the others - yes, and is able to eclipse those powerful stars. We talked about her denim jacket with blue and nude fox fur sleeves signed by Sonia Rykiel. With an original price of 2,200 euros, this garment is halved.