If Cara Delevingne returned to the catwalks by Chanel it will be for something, here a possible explanation

The model that did everything in a short time, the one that stars more campaigns in the same season and especially the one that got tired of the world quite quickly. That is Cara Delevingne, the sister of Poppy Delevingne who just a few weeks ago returned to parade for the French firm Chanel in the mythical Hotel Ritz in Paris. The young woman's good friendship with Karl Lagerfeld is well known but, of course, after watching this video I explain why Chanel is still one of the most important fashion houses.

When we are surprised at the high prices of the big firms, just then, it would be perfect to watch videos like this. In which we can see how the feathers are cut one by one to make the perfect movement, how the buttons are decorated and manufactured manually and how the sequins are embroidered in an artisanal way. It is clear that this reaches the level of perfection that many of us are excited about and this must be valued.

Video: Jessica Chastain, Will Smith among stars at Karl Lagerfeld's Chanel show (December 2019).