This year's most magical Christmas dance is not at Hogwarts, but almost

Has been A wonderful year for all Harry Potter fans. We had the launch of Harry Potter and the Cursed Legacy, the eighth book of the saga. Also, a few days ago it was held Fantastic animals and where to find them, which immerses us more in the magical universe of J.K. Rowling. However, this has only just begun. This Christmas will be more magical than ever thanks to the Harry Potter Dance organized by Barnes & Noble.

If you have the lucky to reside in the United States, you can not miss this event. On December 9, the same Christmas Dance will be organized that Harry attends with Parvatti Patil as part of the Three Wise Tournament tradition. This party includes drinks, entrance and snacks, which we hope are chocolate frogs and not Bertie Bott dragees flavored with vomit. Be careful with that! Now we just have to know the most important thing, practice our dance steps!

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