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We analyze Pilar Rubio's wedding after a few days: these are all the details and photos that leave us amazed

Although it has been the star theme during these days, every new detail we know about the wedding leaves us even more out of place than the previous one. A dropper is getting everything that happened in the wedding of the year, the wedding of Pilar Rubio and Sergio Ramos. It seems that in the absence of a precise theme ... they had everything.

Ferris wheel

One of the details we knew is that they placed a huge ferris wheel on the farm so that the guests could enjoy the views. In the official photos of Pilar Rubio and Sergio Ramos It can be seen in the background. As if they were the town festivals, there was no lack of bumper cars, to remember old times.

The whole family

One of the most endearing details is to see the three sons of the footballer and the presenter pose with their newly married parents.

In the absence of ACDC, Europe

It was rumored that ACDC was going to play at the wedding and had cost a pastón (there was talk of half a million euros). Knowing Pilar Rubio's taste for heavy music, we are not surprised by such a great group playing at the party. But finally, it was Europe and his Final countdown What enlivened the dance. Ketama and Niña Pastori also performed at the wedding, who sang the Ave Maria inside the Cathedral of Seville.

Who were the most dancers

Last night, Santi Cazorla and Pablo Motos, with the consent of the couple, they took the opportunity to tell some details that we still did not know in The Anthill.

As they gave everything on the dance floor (Pablo Motos must have been the most dancer of all), that Pepe Reina stayed until the end with Santi and ended up breaking his shirt, that Joaquin left very soon for what is usually the bético, and that the absence of mobile phones and cameras made all celebrities melt like never before.

At the end of the party, a churros with chocolate made the most partying to endure until ten in the morning, as the player of the Spanish team confessed.

The decoration

Forget flowers and conventional tents, because Pilar Rubio and Sergio Ramos set up an entire town decorated in style Grease, with restaurants, old cars and a stage. The Finca Los Alegres It was completely transformed to receive the guests.

They should also be ideal Indian tipis that we can see in the photos that Manuel Cortés shared on Instagram, singer and son of Raquel Bollo.

Flying on a dragon

Every being fell short to make the wedding the most, and if they wanted a spectacular ticket, they got it with their arrival at the party. A crane was carrying a dragon on which the bride and groom were riding, while a light and sound show was projected. Topped with some fireworks. Like in The endless story, but with more brilli brilli.