This has been my first time using a perfume in cushion format (Flower by Kenzo)

I had tried makeup bases and blushes in format cushion but I had only heard of perfumes cushion and I had never tried this format. Until the new Kenzo came into my hands.

Its iconic Flower by Kenzo perfume, with Bulgarian rose, violet, vanilla and white musks it was renewed and presented in an innovative gel formula to apply type cushion (24.95 euros). And I, who love him talcum smell and clean I get with the traditional format, I had to try it. It was my ideal opportunity to start in the world of cushion perfumes with a fragrance that I liked in itself.

If the gel texture achieved the same benefits, I would take it inside the bag everywhere. And so it has happened. It is my best trick to touch up the perfume throughout the day as a pro. And it seems ideal to put in the suitcase when I travel. Much better than the mini or roll-on formats I had been using so far. Above all because I no longer have to suffer because they break me or the liquid leaks out.

He packaging It is most comfortable. As if it were a powder box, It comes with a mirror included and a sponge to apply the scented gel. To use it, just apply a little pressure on the metallic silver.

The truth is that melts instantly with the skin and the smell lasts a lot, but the result is a little softer than the one provided by liquid perfume. Subtle, but noticeable. The effect reminds me a lot of the one that leaves you a scented cream but better achieved. Something that, for me, that I have resorted many times to these creams when I did not check my suitcase on the trip is a hoot.

In addition, it is super cool. And, it weighs nothing.

Definitely, this new way to perfume me has conquered me.

The product was provided for testing by Kenzo. You can check our business relations policy for more information.

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