Lingerie and bath

Selena Gomez has designed the perfect swimsuits to cover scars with style this summer

Selena Gomez has joined the firm Krahs with the aim of designing and marketing a bikini that hides scars after an operation. Scars like the one that the actress and singer herself has left after the kidney transplant he had to undergo two years ago.

We want to hide them or not for aesthetics, on many occasions the scars have to be protected from sun exposure. This is the case, for example, of recent ones, which are very vulnerable to UV rays and can burn easily.

To do this, the capsule collection Selena x Krahs Swim It consists of a bikini model and a swimsuit specially designed for cover marks on the waist, belly and lumbar area.

The bottom of the bikini is from high waist and incorporates a belt which gives the piece a very chic vintage touch. It is available in two colors: red and black.

The swimsuit can only be bought in red, in the purest style of the beach. It incorporates a zipper on the front and a wide opening on the sides to look "side boob" and on the back, to the waist. This designed to be used both as a swimsuit and body to go out.

Selena explained in a video how, after the operation, he feels more comfortable covering his scar and therefore she prefers swimsuits that cover her and make her feel comfortable.

Behind the bathroom company Krahs is one of Selena's best friends: Theresa Mingus, who began as her assistant. The brand is characterized by betting on inclusion and its models have sizes ranging from XS to XXL.

All the models on sale now through its website to help us enjoy this summer to the fullest after having had a bad drink.