Say "yes, I want" to voluptuous curves with these seven styles of wedding dresses for curvy brides

He body-positive He has put all sizes in the spotlight. It's over what women plus-size have to "hide" your curves. At their wedding (and every day of the year) they want boast a great body, being themselves and without artifice. Pinterest statistics do not lie: the search for wedding dresses for brides curvy It has increased a whopping 2113%. So we tell you how, because with these seven types of design you will be a bombshell.

The V-neck is a success in the wedding dresses for curvy brides

There are many types of cleavage, but the peak design that senses some chest is the most flattering for women curvy. Because its vertical cut creates a higher height effect, playing with the optics and passing by helping you to show off good attributes, if that is what you want! A sexy touch on your wedding dress, do you dare?

The most romantic curvy bridal gowns have flight

If you feel like marrying a huge princess dress, let no one tell you that it won't suit you. Because designs with a puffed skirt or full of flight play with the volumes and size of your body, creating a fully maximized hourglass figure With which you will be spectacular. Don't be afraid to add layers to your dress!

With these wedding dresses for curvy brides you will look like a mermaid

These tight designs that open at the height of the hip or knee are some of the most flattering for women plus-size. Because they mark their figure and their explosive curves, but they open at the height of the thigh or knees to create more movement, resulting in styles as precious as these. A lesson that Sofia Vergara knows about career!

Wedding dresses for curvy brides to show off curves

If what you want is to mark your figure literally and become the sexiest of the whole wedding, throw yourself without fear for tight designs from head to toe. After all, these they don't add another drop of volume to your contour, but that they reproduce it faithfully so that you presume you of tipazo. Ashley Graham!

The midi cut invades the wedding dresses for curvy brides

If you look weird with a long dress and prefer to show your legs, dresses midi They are the answer. These allow you maintain the balance of your figure, carrying volumes and not losing your curves in a sea of ‚Äč‚Äčtulles and lace. But as a picture is worth a thousand words, these three pictures will be the perfect graphic example to see it in action.

The sexiest dare with wedding dresses for curvy brides with XL openings

If you want to follow the example of Ashley Graham we mentioned earlier, you can not miss the openings in your wedding. Skirts with cut outs that leave the legs in sight They are the most sensual and glamorous and show how proud you are of your body. In addition, they facilitate movement more than a mermaid cut design.

Become a princess for a day with these wedding dresses for curvy brides

The style royal It is a timeless classic at weddings and never goes out of style. Because it makes us feel like princesses, with a dress full of volumes and tail that seems taken from the end of a Disney movie. And this desire to feel this special does not understand sizes and should not. Because we have rarely seen prettier girlfriends than these women curvy with his pompous and maxi designs.

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