Tired skin ?: you may need a good coffee (but not the way you imagine)

When we need a little help to wake up in the morning, to concentrate or to recharge energy during the day, there is nothing like good coffee. This has been the inspiration of the new product of The Body Shop: a Coffee mask that promises to give the skin the energy it needs to renew itself.

Bearing in mind that the frantic pace of urban life with its early risers, hours in front of the computer, lack of sleep control and pecking habits not only fatigue you mentally but also physically, It is normal for that fatigue to also be noticed on the skin giving it a dull, rough, reddened and uneven appearance.

Caffeine for tired skin

This new mask contains a combination of coffee bean particles, sesame seed oil of Commerce with Communities of Nicaragua, shea butter and cocoa butter of Ghana of Commerce with Communities and organic cane sugar of Paraguay of Commerce with Communities. The perfect mask to continue working hard and going full but without taking a toll on your skin.

As recommended by the brand, it should be applied 2 or 3 times a week, being carried away by its texture, its pleasant fragrance and the sensation of warmth that it produces on the skin. After 5 or 10 minutes, rinse with water performing circular movements to gently exfoliate and reduce signs of fatigue. The skin will feel awake and clean of impurities to give it a more radiant and refined appearance.

Its price is of 20 euros / 75 ml.

Any coffee fan who has already tried it?

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