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Lola Indigo and Reebok together: the singer will be brand ambassador

We already met her in Operation Triunfo, along with Aitana, Ana Guerra and Amaia, and before some remembered her from Fama, but it wasn't until she left both programs when Mimi Doblas became what she is today: Lola Indigo. Its urban, sporty and sexy style is also a bet for brands like Reebok, who just announced that Lola Indigo will be brand ambassador.

We fell in love with the rollazo that he had in his first single, I do not want anything anymore, and we have danced to that satiety full of strength that impacted us in the second gala of OT 2018. His urban look that mixes trap fashion with trends Sports is one of its strengths, and now he will be part of the Reebok family, being the image of his new collection Women's Collection Spring-Summer 19.

In the new collection with which we have been able to see the singer, and to the shout of Break The Standard, he has posted on his social networks a photo of him from the campaign with a gray top combined with pants with shattering prints, very true to his style, an urban and sporty look.

The artist, who has put a soundtrack to the Fama a Bailar program in Movistar + with his song Strong, is one of the most successful OT contestants. Not only has he triumphed with this issue, but that He has collaborated with Mala Rodríguez in your subject Witch Woman and his first single, I don't want anything anymore, has more than 64 million views on YouTube and many fans on the dance floors.

Now it's the turn of Reebok, brand that today has the new image of Lola Indigo.

Video: Lola Indigo, Don Patricio - Lola Bunny (December 2019).