17 low ponytails to wear at a wedding and become the perfect guest

We are in wedding season and many of us already count the invitations we have to our credit. Therefore, it is time to get down to work to stand out among the guests with our best looks and our best hairstyles and makeup, so you can not miss a selection of pigtails to succeed wherever you go. So take note of these 17 low queues with which you will become the perfect guest.

Low ponytails are one of the most hairstyles trendy of the moment, therefore, they have to be in your look palette imperatively. The advantages of a low ponytail with innumerable, not only the comfort they suppose because it is a hairstyle that you "forget", but also allow you the possibility of being able to wear headpieces (practically) of all kinds if you feel like it or, where appropriate, some accessories or complements.

The options that we are going to give you always go through looks that are very well structured, with very good base hairstyle and good products that facilitate it. However, this does not prevent so that even the most tricky, you can make them at home.

Thus, we begin with the image we have on the cover, a photo of Sandra Majada from which we always take great ideas to become that perfect guest, like the one we have just below the lines, form an ideal ponytail.

So, it is a Low ponytail with a slight stripe in the middle, and very marked waves perfect. A hairstyle with a lot of style and many possibilities since, as we mentioned above, it allows us to include from a pamela, to a more discreet headdress, hairpins or a simple loop to give a different touch, although by itself it is already left over and Enough.

The key to this queue is found in curling mold all previously textured hair and simply tuck the pigtail and cover the rubber with a lock.

We can always add volume to the roots shaping from birth, so that we provide more body, volume and movement.

Leave some loose strands they are also great ideas since they give you a casual but very air trendy.

However, another good option to wear at a wedding is a very polished and smooth pigtail in which a good iron will give us the key, as well as special products for smoothing and a finishing oil to give that shine. Here we can play with the stripes, or take it all back without any, or in the middle or aside, as we feel better, but it is certainly a great hairstyle for a wedding, very sophisticated.

For curly hair, a low ponytail like the one in the picture is one of the best hairstyles: a wet effect at the root with middle parting, and leaving frizzy hair creating volume in the neck area. As you can see, these types of hairstyles are very suitable for all hair types and lengths.

Pigtails with a different touch

In addition to a ponytail to use, we can also version the concept a bit and create different hairstyles on the same basis. So, for example, we can go to a knot as a way to hold the hair (and many hairpins, clearly), which makes the queue already out of the ordinary and have a more festive air.

Italian bows have returned strongly this last season. The most classic collection back in the 80s / 90s comes back strong but always reversed and this is an ideal way to wear it in an event like a wedding as it offers us many possibilities. We play with the trend and classicism to create a winning set.

Or these three pigtails that leaves us this girl with a different touch, from the combination of knots, twits and twisted. Three beautiful options for any wedding worth its salt.

With braids

Combining a low ponytail with a braid is always a good option since it gives a different touch and gives you the romantic air that a braid always has. Thus, there are three options that we bring you: the first one creating a braid to curl the rubber that is ideal, another that comes from the front and comes together in the ponytail, or a braid in the lower part that gives more body to the hairstyle.

With accessories

Beyond a headdress pamela... or whatever you want, there are many accessories that we can use in a low ponytail to wear at a wedding and here we want to give you some different ideas, such as the pearls that start from the crown with a very polished pigtail finish with wide wave in the excess hair.

Gold appliques like the one in the image that give a touch of distinction away from the most common, with a hair with a certain volume and also with a wide wave.

The brooches will be great allies for your low ponytail, and the fancy brooches With such a polished ponytail with a soft and very glamorous wave they are an absolute success with which to succeed in any wedding.

Of course, ties can not be missing in our selection of accessories for low pigtails like the one in the picture. A ponytail with full-bodied hair and a polished finish on loose hair, adorned with a velvet bow, a must it's from the season.

Perhaps this is one of the most daring options that we propose as a wedding ponytail: a Pigtail bubble with big forks with message. Perhaps, given the occasion, one that puts LOVE can be a great option with which not to look away.

Or another type of more geometric accessories in more structured low pigtails with an absolutely fantastic result that combines with any outfit you choose

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