Be beautiful: five essentials of the week

We are back with our Friday section, the ideal time to share with you the discoveries We have done throughout the week. Today we bring you a collection that you will like to those who care about him environment, in addition to a spot that you can not miss (mainly for who is its protagonist). Finally, a perfume that falls in love ... new version of a classic that It has me completely hooked. We hope you like them!

A collection

This week we discovered 'Join Life', a collection of Zara Created especially for those who care about the environment, since it has been manufactured with organic cotton, recycled wool and Tencel to reduce the environmental impact. The designs have a male and female influence, so we find sober tones, straight cuts and very clean silhouettes. You can see it in full on their website.

A spot

I'm a confessed fan of Dior's lipsticks (you should see me at his booth trying on tones). That's why I had to include in my essentials the new Dior Rouge through this great spot: Natalie Portman It looks impressive, the tones are pure temptation, the video is great and the music ... what about the music !.

A plan

On September 24 the 'Heart Race', an activity that takes place within the framework of the 'Heart Week', an initiative organized by the Spanish Heart Foundation, aimed at raising awareness about the importance of taking care of ourselves through exercise and healthy eating, if you want to support the cause and participate in the race, you can sign up on their website (


A whim

I confess that it has been a long time since I entered Bimba and Lola but this week something in the window made me come back. The reason was this little shoulder strap I saw in one of the mannequins and with whom I felt love at first sight. I do not know if what I like the most is its design with that rhombus plate or the color green (although there is it in 5 more tones.

A product

The product that I am going to recommend today is a perfume. Is about 'Chloé Fleur de Parfum', a new version of the mythical fragrance that retains the prominence of the rose, although with much more current nuances. I recommend you try it because it is wonderful... since I have it I have not stopped using it.

Which of our essentials do you stay with?

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