At last! Dolce & Gabbana already has its cream blushers

Today we have one more novelty to add to the list of autumn arrivals that await us in the coming months. The turn is up to Dolce & Gabbana that expands its beauty line with the Blush of Roses. It is a new line of cream blushers, a very appealing format that gives a lot of play, especially for lovers of cream textures and juicy finishes.

These blushers are formulated so that their texture is creamy and at the same time light, something that is always appreciated. The line starts with four shades: Rosa Aurora (bright orange), Rosa Calizia (soft salmon), Rosa Carina (mauve), Rosa Alchimista (nude).

In the image below we see the other two products that complete this line. On the left we have the Creamy Illuminator, an illuminator in pearly tones to highlight all those areas we want. Next to him we have the Creamy Bronzer, a cream bronzer that is worth both to sculpt the rotro and to give a sunny touch applied at those points where the sun most affects. The tone is Rose of the Desert since the sand brown tone of the desert flower is inspired. Looking forward to trying this product, high temptation.

A pretty appetizing line, it only remains to test if its texture and finish are at the level expected. At the moment you can find an online store like Nordstrom, although it is expected that your arrival at physical stores will be imminent.

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Video: Dolce - "At Last" (December 2019).