If you stay blank when choosing your wedding dress, would you dare with the color?

Marry white It is no longer a mandatory. Nor an obligation or a tradition that you can not skip. And if yours is the color, even if it's just a touch, you can always opt for a small detail or a gradient that turns your wedding dress into something totally incredible. Check out these girlfriends who left aside the traditional white color With an extra touch of color on your wedding day.

Occasionally it is necessary to break the rules of the game and skip the tradition. Say goodbye to white, beige, ivory and all those shades that tell you nothing. Because there is no rule about the color you should wear on your wedding day. Not even if you can use several at once. Why not?

He degraded effect (also called Ombré) is an original option for brides looking for a different result and skipping all conventions. The effect consists of increase or decrease the hue and intensity of the color that you choose.

The combination of different shades (as well as their intensity) in the same dress has a very special effect and is a way of making sure that the dress is really different. Whether it is a smooth gradient effect, or strong and intense, the result is exceptional.

The white color stands out more when accompanied by a purple with personality, a refreshing turquoise, a fun yellow or a romantic rose, don't you think?

If you are tricky you can dare to do it yourself, there are millions of tutorials on the net, but there are more and more possibilities to buy it already with this finish and dazzle with a really special creation.

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