We show you some tattoos that not even your grandmother would wear

They certainly don't look anything like your grandmother's idea if you told her that you had a tattoo. Because we have seen few so small, so really small, so delicate and precious like the ones we've discovered on Playground Tattoo Instagram.

If you are one of those people who admire the tattoos of others, but you still have reluctance to become one or are convinced that it is not your thing, Playground Tattoo tattoos may be the option that makes you change your mind. Pure minimalism and delicacy, small simple and simple details and with a naive point like these we show you below:

They are small details, so soft and discreet, that it is very difficult for them to attract excessive attention or make you feel uncomfortable. Unlike, it's hard for you to want to regret itr of carrying one of these little works of art.

its ability to work with ink and lettering You will get that word or message that you do not want to forget never seem directly drawn from a love letter written by hand.

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