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Tricks to survive a crazy night drinking, smoking and not stop laughing

We have all enjoyed some time crazy night, of those that confuse, in which you are having so much fun that you let yourself go. To get up the next day in the best possible way there are a number of tricks that you have to aim well, because you never know.

Continue drinking, but water. It is already known that alcohol dehydrates a lot, so it is very important rehydrate ours body giving him a drink throughout the day. If you don't get that much Water you can always resort to herbal teas how well they feel the body, and natural juices rich in fructose. Great Bloody Mary, but no alcohol, because the rehydrating effect of tomato juice It's the best there is.

After having put such a beating to the liver, it will have to work hard to be able to eliminate excesses from last night, so it is better that you only eat the food that the body asks of you.

But not only will we feel dehydrated inside, but also outside so we must try to spoil ourselves with relaxing foam baths, and also smearing our body and ours hair with some moisturizing product paying special attention to feet. This will also make us relax and help us recover.

And take advantage of the state of lethargy in which you are surely prostrated to be calm, without moving too much, watching movies on TV and playing siestecitas. Surely the next day you will feel better!