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Be beautiful: five essentials of the week

Friday, and that means it's time to show you my discoveries this week. I bring you today a great plan for the weekend (which you will surely repeat again and again)… also a very effective product for unify skin tone and finally, a car Special for makeup addicts. I hope you like them!

A car

It will seem strange that I recommend a car in this section, but I am not talking about any one. Is about a limited edition by DS in collaboration with GIVENCHY. The new DS 3 GIVENCHY Le MakeUp, is a car with carefully chosen tones and accessories. The one that catches my attention the most is the central armrest that has a specific space for a Givenchy Le MakeUp makeup kit composed of a Noir Couture mascara, a compact Prisme Visage powder and a Le Rouge lipstick. A Whisper nail lacquer, created specifically for the occasion, completes the kit. The floor mats have also been stamped with the limited edition logo.

A crush

Walking around the low cost stores to make some spring signings I found these Zara leather shoes. Lately I choose the planes and I love them for their pointed finish, for the detail of the opening on the instep and of course for the heel with a gold-colored metallic effect. I find them very versatile, so they can become one of my best purchases of the season.

A plan

Last weekend I made a discovery that I have to recommend. It's about the new brunch of Café de Oriente, a perfect plan for the weekend because it has everything: a delicious menu (don't miss the rice with boletus and the chocolate coulant), a beautiful place and an ideal environment to enjoy one of the most beautiful areas of Madrid.

A video

I don't have a bag of Dior, but I do not deny that I would love it ... I think that more than a complement is a small treasure, of those that you can leave as an inheritance for the beautiful craft work behind it. Just a couple of days ago I ran into a video in which the maison shows how the new 'Diorever' is made... images that explain why they are considered unique pieces and not only in the fashion world.

A product

If you are one of those who have spots on the face or simply your tone is not completely uniform, my recommendation 'beauty' today interests you: it is about Advanced Retinol from StriVectin, a night cream that I have been using for the past few months and that has left me more than satisfied.

Which of our essentials do you stay with?

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