Tricks to look taller? Street style reveals some trends that help (a lot)

Not exceeding 1.70m tall is very common among women, taking advantage of trends to look taller and achieve a few centimeters more is another song. However, there are small tricks that can help us to stylize the figure and achieve the optical effect of being taller. Want to know what are the favorite tricks of the queens of the street style? Aim, aim!

Join at tuck shirts and forget about the long clothes

Forget the shirts oversize (unless it is a question of wearing it in the form of a dress with a knotted belt at the waist), go to the trends that add extra centimeters to the shirts and get carried away by the trend of the tuck shirts. Knot your shirt or shine it with the ends tucked inside the skirt or pants and you can see how, by leaving more visual space to your legs, they will appear longer and more stylized.

Another option is to look nice crop top With a cardigan or oversleeve above, do you dare?

Show your ankles!

If you are cold following this trend will be an extra effort when temperatures fall, but facing the summer season you will not have much trouble. Show your ankles, join the car of the culottes and the jeans with the torn bottoms, and exposes a few centimeters of skin, you will see how this little trick has a great effect.

Monochromatic looks are your salvation

Mix clothes or shoes of the same color it creates an illusion of continuity, of longer lines and of course, of greater stature. Combine the color of the shirt with that of the pants and even, if possible, add ankle boots of the same tone (if you combine the pants with low shoes, play with the color of the socks) and you will see how the final result gives you an extra centimeters.

This trick is a great ally for those pants that are not even culottes you can't even manage to show your ankles, try to follow their tone and create a monochrome look, you will notice the difference.

Never (repeat: never) fall on skirts below the knee

As with the ankles, show knees It is essential to achieve look taller. However, you can still wear skirts midi and even maxi, the latter will have a greater visual elongation effect but both are valid, what you should avoid are those garments halfway between the mini length and the midi. Say no to skirts just below the knee, halftones are not for you.

The minis and shorts will be your best ally to achieve longer and more stylized legs, take note.

A little help in the form of kitten heel will always be welcome

A small heel-shaped aid never hurts, but be careful, it does not mean that you should suffer about stilettos every day of your life. Not much less. The kitten heels They can be a great ally for those women who seek comfort but do not want to put aside those centimeters so well received that they are those of heels.

However, there is also a solution for lovers of sneakers, as there are models that include a small inner wedge that will lift you a few centimeters without losing the comfort of a sneaker.

Who said 1.70m?

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