A Ring to attract them all, a ring to rule (about fashionistas)

At first glance it may seem like a simple ring, but if you look more closely it can become your next obsession. The creations of the Canadian jewelry brand Secret World they enclose magical worlds that will make more than one sigh and whisper that well-known phrase of "my treasure".

We don't get tired of pretty things, of those unique objects that are not only special, is that they make us feel special to those who take them. And these pieces of Secret World jewelry they are not normal and ordinary rings. Its creators ensure that there are no two alike and that each world they contain is exclusive. Only for the person who wears it. A beautiful idea, right?

Hand made and in the most traditional way using new woods, resin and beeswax, each ring is a unique collector's item. A true work of art that we would love to keep in our jewelry box.

It's amazing how they capture fantastic landscapes and reduce them to miniature worlds full of strength and color.

You can find more models and information about these unique pieces on the brand's website.

In Jared | Each of these medallions is a personal and non-transferable universe

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