Hudson Duel: Chloé signs fashion bag

What are 1,595 euros for a successful blogger? Maybe it's half of the fee that a brand pays you for uploading a photo to your personal Instagram account. But that figure disappears when talking about the relationship between Chloé and fashion girls. And it is that the signature is very given to give away your it bags during the Fashion Weeks, therefore the street is dueling to see who is the face that best combines a model in question. And today we have Chiara and Aimee showing what the brand's latest hit looks like, the hudson bag With colored strips.

While the Italian did not hesitate to wear it with a very rocky look based on bandana style garments, the Californian chose to wear it during the New York Fashion Week, so the result was the opposite. Thick garments where going warm (with style) prevailed on every occasion.

Which of these options do you stay with?