Famous Fashion

This is how Willow Smith, the new image of Chanel, saw when he is not in the parades

Willow Smith, the little one of Will Smith and Jada Pickett Smith, has become the news in the last week due to its newly released position as an image of the French firm Chanel. Many criticisms for his 15 years of age and also gestures of support for the peculiar artist. The truth is that she is still a girl who when she has free time between Sarao and Sarao stays with friends and wears the most sporty.

To walk around NY Willow does not want complications or major fashion firms, he is satisfied with some black legging and mini skirt of the same tone. To warm up a little, he opts for a gray sweatshirt and a very simple scarf. The touch of personality, how could it be otherwise, is provided by the accessories: a neck hanger full of accessories and very vintage sports boots. What do you think of his style?