Ten exceptional ingredients for sensitive skin with Chanel Solution 10

Chanel just presented its latest moisturizing treatment for sensitive skin formulated with only 10 ingredients that they have called Solution 10. This care protected by a minimalist packaging of an immaculate white contains a moisturizing substance capable of calming the most sensitive skin.

Solution 10 by Chanel is a non-greasy face cream that protects sensitive skin. This cream moisturizes the skin a lot protecting it from pollution slowing the aging process.

Apparently, their powers are able to help those who see how they come out. Red spots on the face because of stress. To achieve this, researchers at Chanel laboratories have turned to the benefits of White tea, of the shea butter and glycerin.

The 10 ingredients are reflected in the packaging in a visible way so that everyone can read without problems the ingredients that make up this magic formula that when applied gives off a discreet fragrance and comforting.

The texture of this moisturizer to soothe, de-stress and protect the sensitive skin It is soft and light, and easily applied by absorbing instantly.

The Chanel Solution 10 It not only calms the skin but also helps to face other types of aggressions such as pollution. Price: 76.00 euros.

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